Client Testimonials

Lauren & Dorick, Berkeley

Paul’s mindful touch in landscape design turned our haphazard yard into a tranquil, peaceful space. His attention to harmony and natural elements allowed him to take advantage of our existing plants and repurpose them with a boost from new elements he introduced. We are so happy with the end result. Paul’s process is unique—he truly puts love and care into his work. We felt cared for as much as our plants. Grateful for the zen transformation he brought to our outdoor sanctuary.

Rod Heisler Construction, Oakland

We love the office jungle Paul created for us! Our office was pretty basic until Paul transformed the space with a wide variety of plants and decorative pots and boxes. We love how much brighter our space feels! Plus, knowing that our air is getting purified by the plants is great for all our staff. On top of that, Paul is professional and incredibly knowledgeable on the plants and their care. His customer service has gone beyond our expectations as he checks in regularly and offers support as needed. Highly recommend his services. 

Annabelle C., Concord

Paul is a neighbor of mine and for years I’ve admired his beautiful garden. In the spring of this past year, I hired Paul to give me advice on how to deal with my very large, poorly landscaped backyard. I knew I could rely on his sense of aesthetics and encyclopedic knowledge of plants to help create a plan for my yard. I also knew he wouldnt make me feel embarrassed if I asked novice questions. Hes very patient. He had good suggestions regarding hardscape, paths and landscaping. He rather effortlessly cleaned up my deck, repotted a number of neglected plants, and created a charming outdoor space. Paul has transformed several of my neighbors yards, which I get to enjoy when Im walking my dog. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who needs help with their garden.

Emily & Chris, Maxwell Park

We had an excellent experience with Paul and highly recommend him for his professionalism, creativity and expertise. He listened attentively to our preferences and demonstrated a deep understanding of the vision we had for our outdoor space. His collaborative approach made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. Paul is also a neighbor, which added a personal touch to our project, fostering a sense of trust and community.

Vivian & Ross, Oakland Hills

We like to call Paul our “plant whisperer.” He revived our struggling plants and introduced us to new selections, transforming our home into a lush, vibrant oasis. Keeping our preferences in mind, he also sourced very interesting pots that we would not have selected ourselves and that ended up working so well with our décor. We are grateful for his knowledge, passion and commitment to beautifying our living space with living greenery. His skillful, thoughtful work has truly enriched our lives, and we couldn’t be happier with the flourishing results. - 

Mickle N.,

Paul performed miracles for our indoor plants. My wife and I faced some struggles with upkeep, so we sought help and Paul came to our rescue. Not only did he skillfully repot, trim and prune our plants, but he patiently imparted invaluable tips for overall plant care. His evident knowledge and passion for plants shone through in the exceptional care he provided. Our plants now are thriving, and we feel empowered to maintain them ourselves. Paul went above and beyond by suggesting the perfect outdoor plant and coordinating pot to enhance our backyard. His expertise and guidance made a world of difference, and we would recommend him to anyone seeking to breathe life into their plant collection. Thanks Paul!

Dhyan & Joyce, Maxwell Park

Paul was fantastic to work with: he was collaborative, patient, and amenable to our preferences, but did not hesitate to let us know when these preferences would not work practically or aesthetically. Paul took note of plants we liked and disliked, and suggested a number of plants that fit with our style. We ended up with a mix of natives and succulents with bright, colorful foliage and succession blooming, and these plants not only complement each other, but also our existing trees, and our house. Paul skillfully combines his encyclopedic plant knowledge and his aesthetic intuition in a way that ensures unique beauty and balance. We are so excited to see how our garden grows and develops in the coming years. We wholeheartedly recommend Paul to anyone looking to transform their space into a constant source of joy.

Maurine H.,
Upper Rockridge

I wanted to praise Paul for his amazing work with plants. I had the opportunity to have him come and re-pot and refurnish all of my indoor plants and outdoor pots. Some are very important to me so I was nervous. I didn’t need to be. He did a fabulous job with all of them. In fact, he has continued to help me by taking care of my plants whenever I am out of town for a protracted stay. I trust him. You can trust him too.

David B.,
Maxwell Park

My wife and I decided to transform a dull, lifeless patch of weeds in our front yard after attending a garden walk hosted by Paul and hearing him speak with expertise about all-things landscaping and gardening. We requested Paul’s landscape design services and it has been a fantastic decision. Throughout the process, he was committed to finding our likes, dislikes, desires, and asked all the right questions to come up with an ideal plan. My wife and I have very distinct tastes that often don’t overlap, so it was amazing to see Paul develop a planting plan that we BOTH loved and that contrasted beautifully with the color of our home as well. His ability to refine our plant list and be flexible with our needs and ideas as they evolved is a testament to his patience and professionalism. Paul also came plant shopping with us, which was key to ensuring that our plants were carefully selected, and he was thoughtful and contemplative with the plant arrangement. He also gave outstanding advice on how to revive our rock-hard clay soil, which is now a nutrient-rich ecosystem. Because of his expertise, eye for design, and overall holistic approach, our front yard is now the envy of all our neighbors. We can’t thank or recommend him enough!

Linda A.,
Oakland Hills

In early 2022, Paul informed me that he was expanding his garden design work to include potted plants. The timing was perfect for me. The pots surrounding my backyard deck and indoor window spaces had been neglected and needed inspiring and healthy upgrades. Paul did not disappoint! We discussed plants and colors and took field trips to nurseries. Paul quickly appreciated and incorporated my color preferences for flowers and pots. He then recommended and delivered the appropriate plants, potted them up, and ultimately arranged them artistically inside and outside my home. Paul also introduced me to an unusual plant nursery which sells antique garden decor. Together we chose two lovely stone Japanese lanterns, which he then placed perfectly within my maple garden. He also assisted me in placing three horse sculptures I’d purchased from a friend and local sculptress. Paul continues to help my container garden collection evolve as plant, seasonal, and weather conditions change. He listens and looks! His attention to details is most appreciated.

Damon A.,

Pauls expertise in plant selection and placement was invaluable to us as we redesigned our yard space. He recommended the perfect tree for our front yard, a beautiful Redbud Forest Pansy, which has since become the centerpiece. Additionally, he helped us rearrange some of our existing plants to maximize sunlight and shade, which has made a significant difference in the health and growth of our garden. Paul also created a detailed and custom “garden action plan” document, which we can refer back to for his recommendations. Paul’s knowledge and attention to detail were instrumental in helping us create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that we enjoy every day. We are incredibly grateful for his guidance and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a garden design consultant.

Sammie S.,

I was feeling hopeless about my houseplants and outdoor plants, so I reached out to Paul for help. First on my list was a sickly bird of paradise I was growing indoors. The plant drooped and some of the leaves had turned brown, plus it was infested with a sticky, white, web-like substance. In addition to this plant, Paul assessed every plant problem I had—and there were many. The morning after his visit, he’d already sent a solution proposal and made the whole process sound easy. Soon he cleaned, doctored and saved all of my troubled plants, moving some of them to different locations for better sun exposure. Thank you, Paul, for saving my plants, beautifying my home, and for teaching me how to be a better plant parent. It has been a joyful and therapeutic experience to see you care for my plants.