Houseplant Rehab & Restyling

With well over 100 thriving houseplants (thanks, COVID!) I can confidently say I know how to care for them and keep them looking their best. And I’m happy to apply this green thumbery to helping you pick, place and style plants inside your living or working space—Zoom background included!

Potted Plant Design & Maintenance

I create personalized potted plant designs that complement the style of your home or business. Perhaps you want to update an entryway with flowers and foliage or make an outdoor gathering space more inviting. I can make it happen with refined pairings of plants and pots. Need someone to regularly check on your plants and give them a little extra TLC? I can do that too.

Garden Consulting & Coaching

Thanks to 20 years of gardening experience, I can help you discover exciting new possibilities for your space and guide you in being the best gardener you can be. Need an eye for detail? Honest assessment? Enthusiastic supporter? I bring it all. 

Paul Lee Cannon of Paul-Lee-Nation Plant & Garden Styling advising a group of home gardeners about collecting rainwater to irrigate their gardens

Plant Selection Guidance

I studied Landscape Horticulture at Merritt College in Oakland where I learned how to identify numerous trees, shrubs, groundcovers and vines that are grown in the Bay Area. Better yet, I also learned the conditions these plants need to thrive. This knowledge is key to helping me help you pick the right plants for your growing space. 

Garden & Houseplant Staging

If you’re selling your home and need someone to make sure your garden and houseplants are on point, I’m your guy. Let’s talk about how I can help you boost your home’s curb appeal and attract buyers.

Planting Parties

Green up your next gathering with a personalized planting party hosted by me. I'll lead you and your guests in designing beautiful potted plant arrangements to take home. My planting party "kit" includes plants, potting soil, decorative top dressings, and ceramic pots. All I need is a space where we can all get dirty, creative, and grow together. Good times come to those who plant!